The Blackjack is perhaps the most popular card game in the world. It is easy to play, and you can play it by yourself. In the Casinos, 6 decks of cards are used in the Blackjack. Here, we use only 2 decks of cards, and 5 players can sit in a table.

How to Start a Blackjack Game

As always, the first step is to sit in a table. Click on the “Join Table” button to get to the screen with the list of tables. You join a table by clicking on the “Enter” button.

Blackjack: Screen of tables
Blackjack: Screen of tables

In the above screenshot, two tables are available. As we said above, 5 players can sit in each table. In the table on the right end, a player is already sat. Below the available seats we see the minimum and maximum bet that you place in the game. In this example, the minimum bet is 50 coins, and the maximum bet is 500 coins.

When you join a table, if you are the only player in that table, you immediately start the game. But, if other players are already playing, you will see the following message:

Blackjack: Message when we join a table where other players are already playing
Blackjack: Message when we join a table where other players are already playing

This means, that you will not be able to play in this round, and you would have to wait until this round is over. Still, you can see watch the other players playing this round.

Blackjack: Watching other players playing a Blackjack game
Blackjack: Watching other players playing a Blackjack game

How are Players positioned on the Table

At the top of the table seats the Dealer. You will sit at the bottom of the table. The remaining players will sit in the four corners of the table.

If you do not play in a round, then at the bottom of the table will sit a player. If you can join the game in the next round, then the players will be re-positioned so that you will sit at the bottom of the table.

How to Play a Blackjack Game

Each round starts by placing a bet. Each players has a certain amount of time to place his/her bet. If that time is elapsed, the system assumes that you wanted to bet the minimum wage.

Blackjack: Placing a bet
Blackjack: Placing a bet

You place your bet by clicking on the “SET” button. If you click on the “MIN” / “MAX” button, you place the bet to the min/maximum value. If you click on the “-100” / “+100” you decrease or increase the bet by 100 coins. But, the bet is not placed yet. You need to click on the “SET” button to place it.

Once all players have placed their bet, the Dealer deals two cards to each player. Those cards are face up, so that everybody can see them. The Dealer also gets two cards, but only one is face up.

Blackjack: Playing the game
Blackjack: Playing the game

Next to a player’s cards you see the outcome of summing the value of these cards. As with the betting, each player has a small time to make his/her move:

  • Hit: Ask the Dealer to give you a card
  • Stand: Your turn is over, No more moves

If the time is elapsed, the system will automatically make the “Stand” move for you. Once all players have made their moves, it is the Dealer’s turn. Firstly, the Dealer reveals the hidden card, and it then, thinks about the next move: Hit or Stand. Once the Dealer’s turn is over, the system determines who won or lost this round.

Who is the Winner?

Each player is competing against the Dealer. Thus, it is possible more than one players to win or none of them to win. The systems sums the value of the cards that each player has. The player with the largest value wins, but:

  • An Ace counts either for 1 or 11
  • When a player has only two cards, and those are Aces, that player has a Blackjack. (S)he is a winner
  • All cards with a face count for 10
  • The sum of the cards can not exceed 21
  • If a player and a dealer have the same value, we call it a Tie
Backjack: Determine the winner
Backjack: Determine the winner

In the example above, the player lost the game because the sum of his/her cards is 18 and the Dealer’s is 21. The red (or green) bubble, under a player’s cards dictates how many coins the player lost (or won) in that turn.

Once the turn is over, the cards are shuffled again and a new turn starts. If there are empty seats in the table, and players are waiting to sit, they will sit and start playing.

For a limited time, the Blackjack game is free. This means, that if you run out of coins, you can simple reload the page.