How to Change Name, Avatar or Login to Facebook

In the main screen we click on the “SETTINGS” button.

Settings dialog
Settings dialog

This brings up the Settings dialog. At the top of the dialog you can change our name. The default one is “Player”. Below that, you pick the avatar: Male (default) or Female. Finally, if you wish to login to your Facebook connect, you click on “CONNECT” button.

Login To Facebook

When you click on the “CONNECT” button, a new dialog appears. This dialog is controlled by the Facebook, and you are asked to enter your FB credentials. Once you do this, you are asked to allow the CardGames site to access your email address.

The only information that we collect from your Facebook account is your email address and your name. We then, save your email address to our server so that we can identity you and keep track of your coins and your name. We will never share this information with 3rd parties nor will we send you any email.

If you browse to the CardGame in a tab, and in a different tab you are already connected to Facebook, you do not have to login again. Your name and avatar is already updated to the ones you saved the first time you logged in to your Facebook account.

Save Changes

Your changes are saved when you click on the “Back” button. If you are logged in to your Facebook account, then, we save the name and the avatar to our server, for future usage. Therefore, it is preferred to login to your FB account, because you don’t have to change the avatar nor your name every time you visit the CardGames site.