Twenty One

The Twenty One game is similar to the Blackjack game. It is easy to play, but you need to have at least 2 players. If you are alone, a robot player will be added in the game. The maximum number of players is 6. and two decks of cards are used.

How to Start a Twenty One Game

As always, the first step is to sit in a table. Click on the “Join Table” button to get to the screen with the list of tables. You join a table by clicking on the “Enter” button.

Twenty One: Screen of tables
Twenty One: Screen of tables

In the above screen, we see that one table is available, and it is emptiy. Below the available seats we see the minimum and maximum bet that you place in the game. In this example, the minimum bet is 20 coins, and the maximum bet is 200 coins.

When you join a table, if you are the only player in that table, you immediately start the game. But, you are going to play against a robot player.

Twenty One: One player
Twenty One: One player

As you read in the message, when you play against the robot player, you can not control the wage that you are betting. When a human player joins the table, that game is stopped, and a new game is started. The person who is the Dealer will see the following message.

Twenty One: A human player joins the table
Twenty One: A human player joins the table

Since a player is allowed to stand up, and leave a table, if all players but one have left the table, the game will stop. That last player will play a game against the robot player. Also, if the Dealer has left the table, the game will restart, and the system will pick a new Dealer.

How are Players positioned on the Table

At the top of the table seats the Dealer. You will sit at the bottom of the table. The remaining players will sit in the four corners of the table.

If you do not play in a round, then at the bottom of the table will sit a player. If you can join the game in the next round, then the players will be re-positioned so that you will sit at the bottom of the table.

How to Play a Twenty One Game

Even though the Twenty One game is similar to the Blackjack game, those two games do have a few subtle differences, that make the Twenty one game such an interesting to play game:

  • One of the players is the Dealer, the other players compete against that player
  • Not all cards from the deck are used. In particular, the cards 5, 6, and all figures are missing

In the Twenty One game, a player is selected (randomly) to be the Dealer. That player will cease being the Dealer when either one of two things happens:

  • The Dealer is loosing more than 800 coins
  • The Dealer is earning more than 2400 coins

Thus, if a player has 1000 coins when (s)he becomes the Dealer, (s)he will cease being the Dealer either when (s)he has 200 coins or 3400 coins. At the last round, the players will see a message prompting them that this is the last round. At the end of this round, the system will pick a new Dealer, and the game will start again with the new Dealer.

The robot player is always the Dealer. No matter how many games you play, the robot player will never cease being the Dealer.

As with the Blackjack game, the Twenty One game has rounds. At the beginning of each round, each player gets a card. Then each player places the bet. Once all players have placed their bet, each player makes a move.

Twenty One: Make a move
Twenty One: Make a move

A player can either “Hit” and get a new card or “Stand” and finish his/her move. Once all players have made their moves, it is the Dealer’s turn. The Dealer’s cards are revealed so that all players can see them. Once the Dealer’s turn is over, the system determines who won or lost this round.

Who is the Winner?

Each player is competing against the Dealer. Thus, it is possible more than one players to win or none of them to win. The systems sums the value of the cards that each player has. The player with the largest value wins, but:

  • An Ace counts for 11
  • When a player has only two cards, and those are Aces, that player has a Blackjack. (S)he is a winner
  • The sum of the cards can not exceed 21
  • A player wins the Dealer only if his/her sum is larger than the Dealer’s sum

The system keeps track of the coins that the Dealer has won/lost in each round. If it is time for the player to cease being the Dealer, the system will print a message on the screen that this is the last round.

Once the turn is over, the cards are shuffled again and a new turn starts. If there are empty seats in the table, and players are waiting to sit, they will sit and start playing.